CENTER FOR BUSINESS SECURITY Zagreb, founded in 2010., is a voluntary form of association of persons who are at the practical, technical and scientific basis engaged (in affairs) in the field of business security and protection, and that, in order to achieve common interests and objectives, without the intention of making a profit, accept rules that are regulated by the statute of the Association.

The Association was established to promote, develop and improve all activities related to business security and protection.

Association in accordance with the Statute:

  • Brings together professionals and scientists in the field of security and protection that are professionally engaged in the business activities of security and protection in the private and public sectors,
  • Organizes and/or co-organizes counseling, seminars, symposia, conferences, forums, presentations, exhibitions and other gatherings independently or in cooperation with other national and international organizations to develop and promote science, expertise, lifelong education and security culture,
  • Participates in the preparation and implementation of projects in the field of security and protection, either alone or in collaboration with other national and international organizations,
  • Stimulates the development of standards and prime professional and scientific solutions in the field of business security,
  • Provides expert opinions, proposes measures and encourages initiatives concerning the development of business security,
  • Works with government and other bodies, enterprises, institutions and individuals at home and abroad,
  • Provides technical assistance and education of members of the Association,
  • Issues professional newsletters, publications, conference proceedings, also carries out other forms of publishing activities in accordance with special regulations,
  • Cooperates with relevant organizations at home and abroad.

CENTER FOR BUSINESS SECURITY is a non-profit legal entity and operates on the Croatian territory. Activity of the CENTER FOR BUSINESS SECURITY includes development and research activities, study of security phenomena in the field of business security, research and interpretation of the sources of threat to the national and regional business environment, finding the best solutions in the implementation of business security, organization of scientific conferences on business security, as well as information and publishing.

CENTER FOR BUSINESS SECURITY by conducting research projects, programs, education and cooperation with other partner organizations, seeks to encourage and promote the competence, knowledge and experiential knowledge in order to improve the quality of security of Croatian business entities.

CENTER FOR BUSINESS SECURITY based in Zagreb, was entered in the Register of Associations of the Republic of Croatia in the authorized government body - the City Office of General Administration of the City of Zagreb, on the basis of the Decision Class: UP / I-230-02 / 2010-01 / 727, Reg 251- 07-02 / 1-10-2 from November 5th 2010.